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  • Q. How does data recovery work?

    In the event of data corruption or hard drive failure, our first priority is to restore your systems to the latest back up. From there, we will utilise our specialist data recovery skills to retreive critical data from the affected system. This is a very lengthy process, and could take days or weeks depending on the severity of the data corruption. Where our attempts to recover data are unsuccessful, we will consult with industry-leading data recovery labs to make sure that you data IS recovered.

  • Q. How long does data recovery take?

    Data recovery is a very lengthy process, and always will be. When dealing with vast amounts of corrupt data, or faulty hardware ensuring the possibility of data loss is eliminated before the speed of the recovery. Depending on the level of damage, recovery may take from one day to one week. NETECH are industry experts, and will usually recover the majority of otherwise lost data. To substantially eliminate the need to recover data, sign up for our Managed IT Services and let us worry about keeping your data secure.

  • Q. How important is it to invest in regular back up services?

    Ask yourself - if the hard drives in my business server were to fail tomorrow, how many days of work could I afford to lose? If the answer is none, then it is vital that your business invests in reliable, offline daily backups of your most critical data. NETECH are experts in data security, with a combined 50 years of IT experience so we definately have a solution for you!

  • Q. How can I make sure my data is being backed up?

    NETECH Managed IT Services are designed with data security and system stability at the core of its purpose. When your business decides to purchase our Managed IT Services, every back up report is sent to our IT Technicians for daily review and action if necessary - all in the background without your knowledge! When action is required, NETECH will act first to protect your business and its most critical information. What we will do for you is ensure that you can spend more time doing what you do best - running your business, with the piece of mind that your data is secure and stable.

  • Q. What can I do now to protect my data?

    Contact NETECH today for an individualised plan for your business

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