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  • Q. What causes software corruption?

    Software corruption is an ambiguous term, which could have a variety of definitions. Generally, a software corruption means some part of a software package or its dependent databases are unusable or unstable. These may include virus or malware infection, deletion of critical system files, the editing of configuration files or settings, software updates, faulty hardware and more. The only way to identify where a corruption originated from is to have it professionally examined by a NETECH IT Professional. Please contact us if you are experiencing software instability.

  • Q. What software does NETECH support?

    NETECH supports a substantial portion of software packages designed for the Microsoft Windows platform, and limited Linux applications dependent on a Windows network. We will professionally deploy and maintain the Windows platform to ensure that your software package always performs optimally. For information on a specific software package, please contact us.

  • Q. How long will my software repair take?

    It is impossible to predict the repair time for software-related issues, as it is dependent on the source of the problem. For issues relating to Windows, the problem can generally be resolved in one day, whereas third party applications that are experiencing problems could take days to resolve. NETECH will always implement the fastest resolution for software-related problems. For our managed IT customers, software issues are generally resolved before they surface. Click here for more information on our managed IT services.

  • Q. How do I know if my PC and network infrastructure will handle a software package?

    Contact us for information relating to the compatibility of your IT and network infrastructure with software packages.

  • Q. What is malware/viruses?

    Please visit our Virus/Intrusion Removal FAQ page for information.

  • Q. How quickly will you have a technician physically dispatched to my location?

    Technology has rapidly evolved in recent years, and as a result it is not always necessary for a technician to be physically present to address issues with computer systems. NETECH is committed to the fastest and highest quality responses to all logged problems on our support platform. Where it is unnecessary for a technician to be present, you can expect a resolution within the hour if you subscribe to our managed IT services or hours if you want to continue to use the traditional 'break-fix' model. If a technician is required, they will confirm a time and will usually be present on the same day. Please contact us for more information.

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